Going Home

When you are ready to leave, you may still feel drowsy. You may also feel a little sick to your stomach. For these reasons, you must make arrange­ments for someone to take you home. It is also suggested that someone stay with you for the first 24 hours after you are home.

Be sure to make arrangements in advance.

  • Before you leave, a nurse will give you written instructions on what to do at home.

  • Crutches or other equipment you may need will be explained.

  • You will also receive enough dressing supplies for overnight care.

  • Any prescriptions will need to be filled at a pharmacy of your choice.

  • You may want a family member to ask the doctor specific questions regarding your care following surgery. These may include:

    • How should the incision(s) be cared for? What should be done for pain?
    • What medicines should be taken?
    • What medicines should not be taken?
    • Is there food and drink restrictions?
    • Are there restrictions on driving?
    • How long before you can be expected to return to work?
    • What exercises or activities are okay and which ones should be avoided?