Patient Guide

After Your Surgery

After surgery you will be taken to the PACU/Recovery Room or recliner depending on the type of anesthesia you are given.

  • The PACU/Recovery Room is an open room where specially trained nurses give you constant care while the anesthesia wears off and you are awake. The length of time you will be in recovery depends on the type of anesthesia used, your condition and the nature of your surgery.

  • Alarms on the monitors may sound louder than normal and you may have blurred vision, dry mouth and throat, and chills. You may be given oxygen by masks or nasal prongs to help you wake easily.

  • During your time in the recovery room, the nurses may ask you to take deep breaths, move your arms and legs or cough. In addition, your blood pressure, breathing and surgical bandages will be checked frequently. Treatment for pain and nausea are given when needed.

  • When you leave the Recovery Room/PACU, you will be taken to the post-operative room where you will sit in a reclining chair. A family member or friend can be with you. The nurse will:

    • Check your condition.
    •  Give you something to eat and drink.
    • Give you and your family instructions for home care.
    • Get your clothes so you can dress.

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